Thursday, May 10, 2012

what your wife really wants for mother's day

i'm going to keep today's post brief and unedited because it's my birthday and...well...quite honestly...i have better things to do.  {like take a nap or watch an old episode of 'brothers and sisters' or some other self-indulgent thing that i won't feel guilty doing}

this one is mainly for the guys.  and since i know there are not a lot of guys who actually read my blog...ladies - feel free to pass it along...

mother's day is only 3 days away...if this is the first you're hearing about it...well...that's sad.  but at least it's not too late to prevent this from happening...

if you're wondering what in the world your wife may want for mother's day let me spell it out for's really pretty simple...


that's right.  your wife...the mother of your children...the one who does some unbelievable combination of the following things every day for your family - laundry, cooking, cleaning, scheduling, bill-paying, teaching, nurturing, biting her tongue, shopping for groceries, landscaping, praying, hoping, agonizing, forgiving, worrying, dreaming, planning...
that amazing woman would absolutely love for one day of the year to feel absolutely and completely adored.  

i'm not talking 'appreciated' {you should be doing that all the time}...i'm talking about you making her feel like when she walks in the room time stops for you and you gaze upon her with love and respect and awe as if she were the most important creature God ever created.
 {and ladies...on a side note...keep in mind that being adored requires you being adorable so make sure you consider that the next time you are about to lose it on one of your family members...i'm saying this for myself}

there are so many ways to generate this feeling for your wife.  i hope i'm not insulting your intelligence by laying it out a few specifics...i just want to make sure this mother's day is a success for you {and her!}.  so here are 3 ways that you can adore your wife this mother's day...
{1}  buy a card {or better yet - make your own} and rather than just signing your name, write down at least 5 things she does as a mother that you absolutely love.

{2} plan something...anything!  if other moms are anything like me - planning is our life.  every day is filled with decision after decision about what we will eat for dinner or what the kids will wear to school or what is the best way to get a dried up piece of a gummy vitamin off the leather couch or what gazillion things we need to pack up before walking out of the's exhausting really.  
what a gift to have one day when you have things planned for you and your brain can actually take a rest. {note: wives - if your husband is so kind as to do THANKFUL.  and don't question the plans he's made or how he is executing them. if you do - he may never plan anything again.}

{3} give her some time alone.  i'm serious.  yes... i know mother's day is all about celebrating the mothering that we do all year long.  i love being a mom...really...i do.  but the truth is - there is rarely a time that i can actually go to the bathroom without someone barging in to see 'what are you doing mommy?'  and sometimes i don't think i recognize my own thoughts because i haven't been able to hear them for days at a time.  alone time is rare when you're a mom.  and anything that is rare is precious.  being given permission to be alone is a precious gift...even if it's only for one hour.

so pick one or two...or do them all if you are an over-achiever!  and here's the cool thing...even if she already read this post and forwarded it on to doesn't matter!  we don't care where you got the idea from.  we just appreciate your effort.  it doesn't have to be something original {but you may get bonus points for that!}.