Monday, July 9, 2012

the good morning revolution

are you an early riser?

i'm not a morning person by nature...more of a night owl, actually.

having kids has caused me to shift my natural schedule.  i hope this doesn't come across the wrong way but...
i don't like waking up to my kids.

i like waking up to quiet, to my own thoughts, to words of truth and peace before the wild day begins.  
i like for my kids to wake up to a mama who's ready for them...not a mama who rolls over, looks blurry-eyed at them, and wishes they would go crawl back in the bed for just 10 more minutes so i could at least put my contacts in and splash water on my face before being bombarded with requests.

the trouble with trying to be the first one up in my house is that i have two little people who are early risers and typically make their morning appearance by 6:30am.  for me...that means an alarm set sometime in the 5:00 hour if i want to be guaranteed that my feet will hit the floor first.

although i don't do them with complete regularity i have found 2 simple practices that totally change the trajectory of my days {as a mama and otherwise}...are you ready?

#1 - night before prep :: sometimes this means getting a jumpstart on breakfast {we don't do frozen waffles or over-processed cereals around here anymore so meals take a little extra time}.  other times it means having morning activities laid out and ready for the kids.  on a work day it means having my clothes picked out and my bag packed. and occasionally {like today} it means having a detailed schedule {plus all necessary materials} for our pre-lunch day.

#2 - morning retreat :: i say 'retreat' because i usually do withdraw into my closet or some other quiet little corner where i can be sure i won't be heard and interrupted.  i don't put any expectations on this time because i don't want to be frustrated or disappointed if i don't get to complete whatever i had planned.  instead i trust that God will give me the the time and the truth that i need for that matter how long or short, how simple or how in-depth.  i often start with reading a beautifully-written page from jesus calling by sarah young {because i know those are chock full of biblical wisdom and short enough for me to at least get through one}.  i take time to pray and  if i have some extra minutes i read some of my you version bible reading plan {an awesome app you might want to check out} or some other book that i am in the middle of {i usually have 2 or  3 going at once}
this morning i miraculously had over an hour to myself so i was able to really dig back into a study by kelly minter that i have been slowly working through.  in case you didn't get your own morning retreat today...let me share a little bit of mine.  if you're not familiar with the story of the rich young ruler you can find it in Mark 10:17-31.  here are a few of kelly's words in response to this...
...i was especially moved by this verse: 'Jesus looked at him and loved him' (v.21).  when the Lord tells us to part with our idols - or offer them up to Him -He is looking at us and loving us.  He sees that our idols are in the way.  He also knows that He has the power to turn whatever we parted with into a hundred fold in this lifetime, while also granting us eternal life.  He can do this not because we make it possible, but because all things are possible with Him.
amen sister...that's good stuff. 

if you feel a little nudge to start making your mornings really good i would say - go for it!  the minutes of sleep you may sacrifice will be multiplied and given back to you in quality and quantity.  and the cool thing is...there is a 'good morning revolution' going on right now. i have a handful of girlfriends who encourage me personally in this journey and there are virtual communities popping up everywhere that can help to get you started.  check these out...
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:: good morning girls ::

how do you make your mornings good?

please comment below or message me if you would like to join my little community of morning encouragers.