Saturday, July 7, 2012

a saturday short...

there are some days i can’t get out of the door fast enough to ‘run errands’ {a.k.a. escape the madness and have a few uninterrupted moments to myself while actually doing something productive}.  

other days I linger.  
the grocery list sits on the counter while i...

:: scoop up and cuddle little monkeys who use my body like a jungle gym
:: watch a well-rested daddy take care and time to teach and play and coach...and maybe even learn something himself
:: listen to silly giggles and wild roars...quiet whispers and boisterous songs 
:: peek in on sibling adventures where imaginations carry them away
:: pay close enough attention to see the differences in the way he loves paints and a brush while she loves a ball and bat 
:: smile…feeling so full of family…of home   

...and I never once watch the clock…because even time can’t steal some moments away...