Monday, August 20, 2012

as i prepare...

the reality of your voice being amplified for hundreds to hear is humbling…takes you straight to your knees.  next sunday i will be speaking during our services at new charlotte church.  i hesitate to call it preaching or teaching…i haven’t been to seminary and it is yet to be seen whether or not anyone will learn anything from the words I say.
as i prepare for this opportunity something has settled into my spirit…
no matter what words cross my lips i desperately hope those in attendance will see how much i love any good thing in my heart is a result of the work He has done there.  with all my imperfections i pray they will see the perfect grace of christ that has been poured into me spilling over and off that stage and washing over them too.  i hope that the adoration i feel for my Savior and the redeeming work He has done in my own life will be so blindly evident that they can barely even see me through the light of Him.  if i can offer them even an ounce of the power that His word and His presence have had in transforming my own life my time behind the microphone will not be wasted.

would you pray for me this week, my faithful blog friends?  as i review my notes, as i listen for God’s voice, as i plead for humility and wisdom and a peaceful spirit free of fear, as i figure out how to get hours worth of thoughts into 30 minutes of words, as i take these last steps leading me up onto that stage and finally open my mouth for His truth to be proclaimed…would you lift my life and my words to Him as an offering, as i have?

how are you being called to speak truth to those around you…maybe not just through words but also through deeds?  in what ways do you feel prompted to offer some part of yourself up for the benefit of others.  there is weight in that responsibility.  i would love to pray for you too.