Friday, August 3, 2012

friday faves :: mission of hope

i've been on my knees this week for my sister and two other sweet friends who have traveled across the ocean to visit the people of haiti.  people i have met.  people i love.  people who have blessed me more than i could ever bless them.
i felt that my family needed me home this time around and i don't take that responsibility lightly...the mothering one.  but there was a tender, hollow spot in my heart on the day those girls boarded their flight for port-au-prince without me.
there is an inner struggle that battles in my heart during this season of life.  there is a great desire and need to serve my family and the people in my immediate community here in my own country...God knows there is plenty of need right outside my own front door.  there is also a tugging that draws my care and attention back to the web of villages i have visited on an island in the caribbean.
if you've been around here long you have heard me talk about mission of hope.  it is one of my favorite organizations on the planet.  they serve the people of haiti well because they serve alongside them.  they change lives because they have allowed their own lives to be changed.  
the last time i visited mission of hope i had a moment of wishing i could stay...for good.  i imagined joey and i going home to pack up the kids and a few things and then making a home in haiti.  crazy, right?  it's not what God is calling us to right now but i did see the appeal of that.  it wouldn't be easy...but i guess that's the point.  it's really hard for me to see beyond my comfortable north american life without being there...where comfort takes on a whole new meaning.

and so i have an ongoing dialogue going on with God about where He wants me.  i know He can do His work in haiti without me.   but i'm thankful He has invited me there to be part of something bigger...something eternal...something that i would never experience if i stayed home.  i also know that i have a mission field right upstairs sleeping soundly in rooms filled with fairies and tank engines.  their needs are different but equally important. so i continue to try and balance this calling to be mother and missionary...home and abroad.  i make no commitments except to answer my calls to serve day-by-day.

today i ran across this post by ann voskamp...a kindred spirit fighting to preserve a heart of true compassion.  her words say all the things that i couldn't.  and she has some great suggestions of what we can do...right here, right now.  oh that i would care enough to go when called...and that it would be right on time...soon enough.