Tuesday, September 25, 2012

31 days of...

hi.  my name is elizabeth and i am...
a writer.

it seems silly but it has taken years for me to identify myself this way.  i used to think that a 'writer' was someone on the bestseller list.  i've been writing for so much of my life and i always knew i had the heart of a writer...but i just recently felt comfortable sharing that with the world.  

it was fear that held me back really.  

fear that if i labeled myself as a 'writer' someone could also label me as a 'bad writer'.  

i considered it a success or failure kind of thing.  

i'm learning that for me it is more of a life or death kind of thing.  

when i write i fully experience the life i was created for.  when i don't write i feel myself withering away.  i bet there is something in your life that you experience that same way too.  maybe your life-giving thing is writing...or maybe it's painting or singing or teaching or coaching or nursing people back to health or building things or balancing checkbooks...  

whatever your thing is i bet you know what i mean.  i bet you know that you have to step into it in some way or another if you want to experience a full {and i mean 'busting at the seams'} kind of life.

so...i'm not taking orders from fear anymore.  here i am...a writer.  for better or for worse...i write.

some of my blog friends are doing a 31 day writing challenge next month.  i will be joining them.  if you are a writer {or even if you're not} you may want to join us...in fact i really wish you would!  

pick a topic.  any topic.

commit to writing about your topic every day of october.  it can be a handful of words or pages full...just write.

my problem with writing is that there are so many things i want to weave into words.  i thought picking a topic would be hard but mine actually came quite easily.  it's the topic that nearly everything i consider writing about relates back to during this season of my life...

{my kids call me 'mommy' not 'mother'}

once you have your topic, design a button - or borrow one from the nester - and then let me know what your 31 days of words will be filled with.