Thursday, September 6, 2012

how you can make my dream come true!

ok faithful blog followers...i need your help this month!

if you've been around here long you know that there are a few things that are really the passions of my heart.

one of those is is my form of worship, my psycho-therapy, and my creative outlet all rolled into one.
another one of my passions is advocating for the poor around the world.

some of you know that i am a blogger for compassion - an amazing organization that releases children from poverty so that they are free to fulfill a great purpose in their lives.

our family sponsors of those fortunate kids who is now getting food in her belly, education in her brain, and the love of Jesus in her heart thanks to the folks at compassion and the few dollars we send for her each month.  it makes me so happy to say that.
it makes me so sad to say that there are still thousands of kids who have not yet been sponsored.
these are real a world away...waiting...
waiting for someone to help them not just survive but to thrive and make much of their lives.
this month i have the opportunity to make one of my dreams come true {with your help!}.  i am participating in 'blog month' and the blogger who directs the most attention to the compassion site from their blog wins a blog trip assignment!!  This has been a dream of mine for years because it combines two of my passions - writing and advocating for the poor.  i would have the opportunity to travel to another country to see firsthand the work that compassion is doing and then blog about my experience...amazing!

and the really cool thing is...if you decide to help out with this you won't just be making my dream come'll be making a lot more little dreams come true too for all the kids who receive new sponsorships!  so click on the below link and check out the precious faces of the waiting kids...maybe you will find one that your family would like to 'adopt'.  {and who knows...maybe i will win the trip and get to visit some of our sponsored children!!  can you tell i'm excited?!?!}
click here to visit the kids over at compassion and help me win a blogging trip with compassion!
and feel free to share the link to this blog post on facebook, twitter, blogs, a billboard...however you can get the word out!  let blog month begin!