Tuesday, September 11, 2012

live to write

so here's the thing about writing...it takes time.  something i haven't had a lot of lately.

sometimes i think that i need to cut some things out of my life so that i would have more time to write.  but...

despite my being a far-from-perfect wife, my husband is full of grace and says he's not going anywhere.  
my kids are not threatening to run away from home or anything {yet}.  
i definitely appreciate the paycheck i get from my job...and, more importantly, all the crazy awesome things i get paid to do.  
i can't pass up an opportunity to sit with a friend over coffee or provide impromptu counseling to anyone who corners me.  
i have to indulge my creative side at least occasionally in order to prevent a nervous breakdown.  
and this cry in my heart for widows and orphans just won't be silenced.

so...what's a word-loving writer girl to do??

i've learned the answer is really simple...
keep living.

without the living...there would be no writing.

anything that i have ever written that has connected with someone...or offered something of value, has been birthed out of life...real life...my life.

so tonight i sit at my kitchen bar watching my incredibly handsome husband clean up the dinner dishes while listening to 80's music playing on his iphone.  i stop periodically to chat with him because i have only seen him a total of 5 hours over the past week and there is always so much to catch up on.  

i glance at the moleskin on the counter next to me and remember that i need to think through the welcome message i will deliver at our women's bible study tomorrow morning...and the email i need to send to my small group leaders...oh...and i still haven't packed school lunches.  i don't even want to think about the piles of laundry that are awaiting me upstairs in my bedroom.  

i just finished telling my dish-washing honey that i have a list of dozens of things that have been written in my mind over the past few weeks {that's where most of my writing takes place...only about 10% actual ends up on the page}.  i was voicing my frustration over not having the time {and perfect, quiet, peaceful environment} to do some 'real' writing when i finally decided to push 'pause' on life for a few minutes and let my fingers do their familiar dance across the keyboard.

so...i apologize for an unplanned, all-over-the-place post tonight.  
sometimes you just gotta write.  
but you gotta live too...
because i know if the living stopped there would be no words of value left to share...

{joey has just engaged me in a conversation about how annoying it used to be to find songs on a cassette...remember that?  gotta run!}