Thursday, October 4, 2012

lessons from catalyst

my eyes are red from crying.
my body is weary from a 16 hour day.
my mind is filled with wisdom from some of the greatest leaders of our time.
my soul is satisfied.

on days like today the words i'd like to write are many but the time and energy i have for the keyboard are few.

yesterday i wrote a little bit about work-home balance and today was all about work.

i am at catalyst with my new charlotte team and their spouses.
a stunning group...wouldn't you agree?

a group, i can honestly say, cares about my role as a mother above my role on their staff.  that's pretty amazing in this day and age, isn't it?

this week i sacrifice 3 days at home to be with this team i love as we are taught, inspired, refreshed, and equipped for the important work we do.  but much of those lessons and inspiration i will apply directly to my role at home when i return.  here are just a few of  my take-aways that will influence mommyhood for me when i head back to charlotte this weekend.

from andy stanley...
:: don't ever miss an opportunity to tell your kids 'God has a plan for your life'
:: don't make all the decisions for your kids.  encourage them to seek God in prayer and own up to the choices they make.
:: speak a sense of destiny over your kids
:: actions don't just speak louder than words, they echo into the next generation

from susan caine...
:: introverted kids need a longer runway and then they will take off and fly
:: in a culture that values doing things in groups we must also allow creativity to be developed in solitude

from mark burnett...
:: teach our kids to translate fear to excitement so that they will be brave enough to move forward to what God is calling them to

from christine caine...
:: be aware that the weight of the next generation is one of entitlement 
:: honor those who came before us so that we can remember those who are coming after us
:: teach your kids that it is better to be marked by God than marketed by man {get off facebook and put your face in 'the' book}

from francis chan...  {my heart can always use a little recalibration by francis}
:: if we want to keep our kids from walking away from their faith we can't just teach them - we have to help them experience God and...
:: if we want our kids to experience God we must not only disciple them but teach them to disciple others
:: pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit your family would be bold in their faith

i will end with a little encouragement for all the mommies {and daddies} out there from the band gungor {who i just had the great pleasure of seeing live at tonight's closing session}.  
no matter where your family is right matter what kind of season you may be going through...this truth remains constant...
God makes beautiful things.
He made them out of dust.
He makes them out of you.
He makes them out of your kids.