Tuesday, October 9, 2012

letters to lucy

on the shelf next to my bed sits a basket with two journals - one blue, the other green.  on the pages inside are words written specifically for my two children.  some entries are many pages long full of neatly written sentences.  others are just a few lines scrawled by a tired hand.  

i don't know when i will allow lucy and oliver to read the contents.  i just know that there are so many fleeting moments and thoughts that i want to capture for them as these days go by.  

today i sat down to read through part of lucy's journal.  i love being reminded of the seasons i have already experienced as her mother.  i thought i would share a little bit of those letters with you.  

this is an excerpt from the very first entry in june 2008...
...i don't know where to begin to explain the magnitude of your life story already {at only 2 weeks old!} and the depth of my love for you as my child.  hopefully when you sit down to read these words one day it will be evident to you that from the very beginning God had a beautiful, divine plan for your life.  i eagerly await each day as i watch your story continue to unfold.  since before your birth we have claimed this promise for you - 
for i know the plans i have for you, declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  plans to give you a hope and a future. {jeremiah 29:11}
and just a few months ago...
this journal has sat unopened so long.  my hands have been busy making meals, washing dishes, giving you 'scratchies' on your back, creating craft projects, wiping bottoms, typing words rather than putting pen to paper.  i hope you'll find many glimpses into the past years on my blog since i have failed at getting it all recorded here.  
i could fill these pages daily with words you have spoken, adventures you have taken, looks you have given, songs you have sung, emotions you have evoked that take my heart places i never knew it could go.  life with you is never dull.  
i watch you growing into this child who experiences life fully...the highs and the lows.  sometimes that's hard - on you...and on me.  but mostly it amazes me and refreshes me to see who God has created you to be.  
full of passion
LIGHT {i knew we named you well}
others are drawn to you.  you are the kid at school that everyone wants to sit next to.  the one who makes new friends on the playground in less than 2 minutes.  the one who laughs from the deep of her belly.
i keep loving you more and more each day...

{this is day 9 of 31 days}