Wednesday, October 17, 2012

letters to oliver

one of my earlier 31 days posts included excerpts from my letters to lucy.  

now it's oliver's turn.
on a side i was looking back through oliver's journal i noticed two things:
#1 - the poor kid has way less entries than his big sister {and it's not because she is way older and i've had more time to work on hers...they are 17 months apart...the bulk of lucy's letters were written in those 17 months before i began juggling life with two}
#2 - many of oliver's letters contain a reference to lucy.  it reminded me of how often they are a 'package deal'...never really knowing life without one another.  i love that.  i also need to be aware of that.  i need to be more intentional about celebrating each of their individuality.

{september 11 2009}
tiny oliver ~
i have yet to hold you in my arms but already my love for you as my son overflows in my heart.  i have a few quiet moments here at our family's farmhouse to share just a few of the countless thoughts and feelings i have as your birth draws near.  your big sister lucy is upstairs napping - something that is much needed for her because she plays so hard!  i know that she is going to love including you in all of her adventures...and you will love her funny, sweet spirit...
your daddy is just through the woods at our house working hard to get some things ready before you are born.  i feel so blessed that we will be able to bring you from the hospital to a cozy home, nestled in the woods, filled with warmth and love, and surrounded by a community of family and friends.  God has been so faithful in providing above and beyond what we could ever hope or imagine...
anxiously awaiting your first breath in this world and your precious life that will follow...
{july 9 2010}
i planned to take some time this morning while our house is still sleepy and quiet to write in your journal.  i got caught up in a book i've been reading and an hour slipped by.  now i hear you happily 'talking' upstairs in your crib...always happy...that's you.  my eyes brim with tears as i think of the gift of peace and joy you are to me.  i can hardly wait to get upstairs to behold your tiny grinning face and cuddle your soft little body.  the writing will have to wait yet again...