Monday, October 1, 2012

mommyhood :: day 1

today we spent part of our 'homeschool time' talking about the seasons and the months of the year.  i asked the kids to dress up in what they thought they would wear during the winter...
it wasn't too much of a stretch because it was 58 degrees when they were out on the porch this morning...that's cold for us.


this is part of it - the teaching part.  but there is oh so much more and that's why i have chosen it as my focus this month.

 so - 31 days of writing.  here we go...
let me be honest - i am a big ball of excitement and nervousness about this 31 days thing.  i know, i know...there is no real consequence if i fail.  it's not like i am getting a grade on this or getting paid for it.  i haven't signed some kind of contract or even made a verbal agreement with anyone.  i simply said 'yes' to an invitation to write something 
every. single. day.
of this month.  
it's something i have never done before.  i struggle to find enough time to post on my blog 2-3 times per week so this is taking things to a whole new level...which is good.  

i have a feeling the edits will be kept to a minimum and some days will be no more than a fleeting thought.  regardless of how this turns out i am eager to see what all these back to back to back days of reflection reveal.

{the good, the bad, the ugly...the beautiful} 

thanks for allowing me to open the door of my heart and my home {and all the mess lurking inside} as i dive right into the subject that consumes so much of me these days...

let's start things off with my own personal {and simple} mission of motherhood.  in this house it's all about windows and mirrors y'all.  

:: to give life to my kids every day by positioning myself in such a way that they might {1} peer through the windows of my own redeemed heart and {2} bask in the grace and truth-filled glow that is the reflection of my redeemer ::

if you are a mom {or a dad} what is your mission?