Thursday, October 18, 2012

nurturing or vacuuming :: what do you choose?

sometimes the mess starts to swallow me.  

there are weeks that are so full that i step into the house and put blinders on so that i can walk straight past the piles on the counter and and dried up food on the floor.  i have to walk straight to the things that are farther up the priority list than 'cleaning'.

before i was a mother i had no idea how quickly kids could trash a house.  i had no idea i would be so busy that i couldn't take time to get a broom and dustpan every time there was a spill.  i've never been the most neat and orderly person but as a mom i have taken that to a whole new level.

lately the piles have grown higher than usual...i felt them looming...and then there was yesterday...
i have 2 new friends.  they are sisters.  they are so warm and kind that i feel like i am related to them too.  our kids go to preschool together.  
i don't care how young my kids are...i already pray for good friends for them.  this family has 'good friend' kind of kids and it makes me happy that my kids love them and they love my kids back.
after school yesterday one of my new friends spontaneously invited my gang over to her house for a playdate...i love spontaneous friends.  i especially love spontaneous friends whose houses are not perfect.  i don't think this friend would mind me telling you that her house was not spotless.  i can say that because my house currently looks like this...

my friend may have made some brief allusion to the fact that she hadn't cleaned up for us but as we walked through her back door she was completely comfortable welcoming me into her home...just the way it was.

and welcomed i felt...

welcomed into a real home...where real people live.  a home with colorful bible verses taped up on the walls written by kindergarten hands.  a home where my kids felt comfortable enough to play and laugh and dress-up without their mama hovering over hoping they wouldn't break something.  a home full of warmth and comfort and kindness.  a home where people and conversation were valued over material possessions and their appearance.   it was a beautiful home.

i want my home to feel that way to others...and to me.  i want to see past the the dishes piled in the sink and the dirty clothes on the couch.  i want my focus instead to be on the souls of family and friends that are nurtured here.  

more time nurturing...less time vacuuming.  that's what i'm going for.

this is day 18 of 31 days...