Friday, October 5, 2012

stepping away

this afternoon i sat excitedly waiting for the moment i would be reunited with my kids after three days apart.  

every parent needs a fresh start sometimes.

one of the things i didn't realize before i had kids was that you get bogged down in the daily act of teaching and correcting and feeding and comforting and wiping tushies.

sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is step away {if only for a few hours} focus on something else and then come back as the mother that you want to be.  

mommies can get lost in the daily shuffle.  our noble purpose needs to be renewed.  our muddled mind full of frustration and self-doubt needs to be cleared. 

i have learned that to be the right kind of parent i must first be the right kind of person.  all the things that were of value to me before i had children still need to be cultivated and preserved.  my kids deserve the best parts of me.

i was created to be a 'big picture' person...i love vision and big ideas and strategically moving forward toward those things.  as a mom i have found that i tend to get bogged down in details.  i don't do well with details.  the very important tasks of making sure lunches are packed and shoes are tied and schedules are kept and consistent discipline is served is completely exhausting to me.  if you are a 'big picture' person i bet you share this same frustration.  if you are a detail person you love that kind of stuff and...well...that is so weird to me, but i am envious of how you handle such things with ease.

stepping away {for me} means giving myself room to to see the big picture again.  
stepping away involves listening, reading, writing...positioning myself close to people and things that inspire me...that challenge me...that remind me of who i am.  
stepping away allows for dreaming and creating and fortifying my soul.  
stepping away reminds me of why i wanted to be a mother in the first place and what i ultimately want to achieve in that role.  
stepping away gives me enough perspective to see that turning in pumpkin patch money on time and making sure my kids only watch minimal t.v. are details of less importance than helping them experience God and commit their lives to His great purpose for them.   
stepping away fills me back up with the grace that covers every mommy mistake i have ever made so that i can then pour that same grace back out on my family.
stepping away sheds light on the truth that my kids are held in much greater and more capable hands than my own...and standing in that light fills me with the warmth and courage i need to joyfully step back into the most influential role that i will ever play.

what does your stepping away look like?
{this is day 5 of my 31 days of mommyhood series}