Monday, October 29, 2012

love in action

let's be were getting tired of hearing from me 

every. single. day.

weren't you?

on my last post i warned you that i may not be returning the next day {or the next}.  i had to leave a gap in my 31 days of mommyhood to switch to another role.

 the role of sister.
{30+ years ago}
my little brother got married this weekend.  there are too many words and emotions swirling around to explain the magnitude of this event.  

my brother.  my best friend.  married.

it's a precious thing when someone you love deeply marries someone he loves deeply.  it's complete abundance when you love that other someone too.  when she feels like a sister even before it's official.

this weekend i was more sister and less mother.  it was a sweet time for me. know what?  in the midst of all my sisterly duties i was inspired by my brother and his new bride to recommit myself to the most important role i play as a wife and mother...the role of servant.

my eyes well up every time i think of the countless acts of sacrificial love i witnessed between these two in the hours leading up to the "i do's".  and they did it all with joy...

he took trip after trip back and forth between the ceremony and reception sites with his truck loaded full of the things that would make her wedding day dreams come true.

she agreed to only 5 days in her tropical paradise because she knew any more idle time would kill him.

he wore a suit and endured more picture-taking in one day than he has in the last five years.

she went with the bbq and let him prepare all the sides {because anything he didn't grow and cook himself would be inferior}.

he arrived early for the ceremony with a leaf blower on his back to clear the cluttered beach where her bare feet would walk.

she let go of the notion of a formal send-off because...well...he thought they should stick around to help clean up.

and the result?

the most beautiful wedding weekend i have ever been a part of.

{my kids are kind of amazing...wouldn't you agree?}

{the beautiful bride in her vintage gown}
{a perfect windswept day}
{me serving communion to the bride and part for me!}
{the newlyweds!}
{escorted by my daddy}
{how cool is this guest registry?} 
{my wild bunch}
{the kid can flat out break dance}

today i am recommitting myself to sacrificial love and servanthood in my own relationships...and praying it will continue in theirs.
“Our culture says that feelings of love are the basis for actions of love. And of course that can be true. But it is truer to say that actions of love can lead consistently to feelings of love.”  
Tim Keller