Sunday, October 14, 2012

the mother of all playlists

every family needs some good music to inspire, encourage, and live life to the tune of.  today i am sharing my kids' playlist {the one we sing along to in the minivan and use for dance parties on rainy days}.

i really believe that music is a great way to connect to the hearts of our kids.  just think of how music moves's the same for our little ones.  

i decided early on that i would be intentional about providing my kids with songs that were fun and that also imprinted important messages on their hearts.  whether or not they fully understand all of these lyrics, they have memorized so many beautiful truths that i hope they will carry with them forever.  it's just one little easy way that we can plant seeds in the hearts of our kids.  i hope they will always remember the stories that go with so many of these songs...they are our stories.

and y'all...there is something about hearing my 2 and 4 year old proclaim with great joy at the top of their lungs that 'my God is so big, so strong, and so mighty.  there's nothing my God can not do!'.  i hope they live their lives believing that to be true.  i hope you do too. is a sampling of their favorites {i have to admit...i really love some of these too...i may or may not listen to them when i am by myself}.  i hope you and your kids have fun with them!

{1} shout :: yancy {so - we love yancy...especially her little praise party album but check out all of her stuff...the kids love singing along with her}
{2} brand new day :: yancy
{3} my god is so big :: amber sky {amber sky produces all the music we use with our kids at church...tons of great stuff}
{4} better than the best thing :: amber sky
{5} our great god :: amber sky
{6} i know he loves me :: amber sky
{7} i can see :: amber sky
{8} supercalifragilisticexpialidocious {yes...i spelled that from memory} :: mary poppins
{9} upside down :: jack johnson {this whole album is worth a listen}
{10} pollywog in a bog :: barenaked ladies {this is from their snacktime album which is fun...but they have other kids stuff too}
{11} hakuna matata :: the lion king {we have fun with a lot of the disney songs.  here is a list of the top 10 of all time}
{12} just the way you are :: bruno mars {had to include this one for oliver.  i spontaneously started singing this for him the first time he went poop on the potty and it became somewhat of a we all love to sing it to each other...i do want them to know that they are amazing...just the way they are}

what music inspires you and your kids?  would you share some of your songs and the stories that go with them?

{this is day 14 of 31 days...}