Saturday, October 13, 2012

the one word for moms...

if i could only give one word of advice for moms it would be this...
i have it hanging on my kitchen cabinet...the center of my home...not because it is something i strongly identify with but because i so often need the reminder.

today i spent the entire day with my kids...just me and the kids.  no agenda.  no to-do list.  no time constraints.  just the loose plan that we would go to our local amusement park whenever we were dressed and ready and then depending on how everyone was doing we would get lunch together somewhere and then cuddle up together and rest when rest was needed.

it was a good day.  from start to finish.

there was less whining, bickering, backtalk, impatience, disobedience...and more


i laughed at every silly little thing they did and watched them mirror my expression.  i laughed at the priceless comments and the inconsequential mishaps...and i filled with joy when they followed my lead.

this weekend i hope you make a point to do this one thing.  


do it when you are feeling free and wild and full of joy.  and do it {especially} when your face feels tight and your heart even tighter.  when you are dragging and weary and burdened into darkness.  trust that the Creator of joy can give you a laughing spirit even when you are feeling the absolute opposite.


it is the 'expression of lively amusement' and don't we all want to feel alive?  we all want to give life and share it with each other.  let your giggles and snorts and deep belly chuckles jolt your heart and the hearts of those you love back to life.  

this is day 13 of 31 days...