Saturday, October 20, 2012

undivided attention

being a mother of more than one child means that your attention is typically divided.  
but not today.  
as oliver and joey walked out of the door this morning on their way to the golf course lucy jumped up, grabbed my hand and said - ' it's just you and me sister!'

and so it was...for nearly the entire day.
with my focus all in one place i was able to see her better.  her whole big grown-up 4-year-old self.  when did the last traces of toddlerhood fall away?  when did she learn how to carry a full tray of food to the table without spilling anything?   when did her reasoning skills lead her to ask really good questions about God {and a million other things}?  and since when does she know every. single. word. to 'knick knack paddy whack'?

as fast as our lives move...the gradual growing up gets woven into the fibers of each busy day almost unnoticed.  we call all these developmental achievements 'baby steps' but then i turn around and it seems she's been leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  

sometimes i miss the baby steps. 

but most of the time i feel myself cheering on the inside as her strides get longer and longer...