Monday, November 19, 2012

giving thanks :: day 1 {the promise of new}

:: eucharisteo  {to be grateful; give thanks} ::

i was first introduced to the word by ann in her poetic treatise.  remember the first gift given in that sad, dark season?  i've been counting them ever since.  sometimes on paper and more times in my heart and changes the way you see the world.  i needed to change the way i see the world.  

we have been making what we call 'doorknobbers' for our farmhouse shop.  they are one of many items that we create out of reclaimed wood.  something that was old and then made new again.  

a few weeks ago i decided to make a few eucharisteo doorknobbers.  after we put them in the shop a woman called with a special order...she wanted several more of the eucharisteo doorknobbers.  i smiled.  she was giving them to her friends as gifts.  a gift of thanks.  thanks giving.

today i give thanks for the pieces of our lives that, like those little pieces of old battered beadboard, have been made new.  the chips and cracks are still visible but with some gentle attention from a Creator's hand they are made into something beautiful and worth displaying...a new creation offering words of life to the world.

this week as we step towards the great day of thanks i am specifically showing my gratitude for some of God's promises to me...and to you.  today i sing his praises for making me new...

leave a comment with something you are giving thanks for this week.  i will draw a name from all of the comments left before 10am tomorrow morning...the winner will receive a eucharisteo doorknobber!!

and just for fun...enjoy some of these free printables this thanksgiving week.