Thursday, November 8, 2012

my surprise sister

sometimes 'family' doesn't look exactly like you think it will.

my own family has taken on a variety of forms through the years and still changes depending on whose home we are visiting for the holidays.  I have a mom, dad, stepmom, stepdad, brother, 2 half sisters, a stepbrother, a stepsister, an adopted daughter, a biological son, grandparents step-grandparents, birth grandparents…and the list goes on…

you would need several family tree diagrams to figure it all out.

sometimes God gives us unexpected gifts in the formation of our families.  

as a newlywed i can remember dreaming about what my own family would look like.  there are some significant differences in that dream and today's reality.  as our own little family was first forming there were many unknowns...many twists in the road...many situations i never thought i would face.  as a wise friend once told me - we plan and God laughs.  the process is often unexpected {and in some cases painful} but His best for us requires that we surrender to the road He has set beneath our feet.

as a child growing up i never had a sister.  10 years ago i acquired this one...
when her mom and my dad got married haley was an adorable 10 year old little girl.  today she turns 21 and is one of my very best friends.  she is a safe place for me to share my heart, an encouragement to my spirit, a sharer of light and laughter in my life, the world's coolest aunt to my kids...she is my family.  she is a precious gift that God has given me during this season of my life because he knows what we need...when we need it...and he knew haley and i would need each other.  

happy birthday my sweet sister...NYC here we come!!!