Wednesday, November 14, 2012

new york :: new york

this was the chain of texts between the two of us over the weekend...

joey: just caught lucy helping oliver bury his pooped in underwear in the backyard.  nice.  what a great sister!

me: get out of town!!!  hilarious!

joey: for you maybe.  i had to hose him down in the backyard.

me: omg.  u r an amazing daddy!

and he is...simply amazing.  even after the whirlwind month that we have had my sweet husband took over kid duty for the weekend so that i could go to new york to celebrate my sister's birthday.  what a guy.
i haven't been to the big city since i was in middle school so there is not a lot that i remember.  the main thing that sticks out in my mind is my little brother belting out 'new york, new york' in the shower when he thought nobody was listening.  you know the one...start spreading the news, i'm leaving today!  
my parents and i were sitting on the hotel bed cracking up as he went through the chorus a second time changing the first letter of all the words...
dart deading da dews
dime deaving doday...
hilarious.  he will never live it down.

this trip left me ready to go back for more.  i am definitely not going to let another 20 years go by without making my way back to the big apple.

3 things i loved about nyc...
{1} the food :: this aspect of new york blew me away.  the bagels, the pizza, the homemade pasta, the fresh ingredients, the abundance of non-chain fast food.  you could spend years in the city and never eat at every good restaurant {but i'd like to try!}.  some of our favorites?
ess-a-bagel {the line is typically out the door but they are efficient at getting people in and out and savoring the best bagel and cream cheese you ever had is totally worth the wait!}
pepolino's {my entree was one of the best i have ever had and you MUST try the cheesecake!}
french roast {breakfast, lunch, or dinner...delicious dining with regular new yorkers}
piccolo {the most wonderful surprise!  a tiny little place with a lot of big flavor.  if you like lemon, try grandmother's cake for dessert}

{2} the parks :: i could have spent days in central park.  i love the fact that right in the middle of this bustling giant city there is over 800 acres of green space that contains surprises around every turn - ponds, castles, gardens, benches, boats, trees, farmers' markets, an art museum, professional bubble blowers. 

and i would have loved more time in some of the smaller parks bryant park and battery park city.  these were the parts of new york that made me actually dream a little about what it might be like to live there.

{3} the people :: you heard me right.  the people.  i found new yorkers to be incredibly helpful, hospitable, and kind.  nearly every time i pulled out my map to figure out where we were headed someone stopped and asked if they could help.  and pretty much anyone we asked for help was glad to give it {after they got a good laugh over our southern accents}.
{FYI - this was NOT posed.  i don't know why everyone thought we were tourists?!?!}
well...i'm still a small-town southern girl at heart but my trip to the big city did me good...i can't wait to go back!