Saturday, November 3, 2012


We named him peace...and he has brought it to my heart.
The ability to be bring calm into chaos...he gets that from his daddy.

We named him protector, defender...and he has a fierceness to his spirit.
This part is all his uncle Robert. Just last week at his rehearsal dinner it was said of my brother that he is a defender of others...that he provides safety and protection to those he loves.  I pray that virtue for my son as well.

A boy who in one moment can fight off dragons with a sword in his hand and in the next gently crawl up to fit his body next to mine.  Our Oliver William...

Tomorrow he turns three and so you finally get the post I promised over a week ago.  A snapshot of the one shedding the last bits of 2 year old baby in exchange for 3.

:: smiles in his sleep
:: is quick to forgive
:: runs and hides when i correct him because it is so hard for him to face his mistakes
:: melts into me and i don't ever want to put him down
:: knows the words and sings along with joyful abandon
:: lets me breathe him in
:: the wanderer
:: plays 'rough'
:: a loyal best friend
:: makes a beeline for babies and animals {and then observes them until he is finally pulled away}
:: gets away with way more than he should because of that smile
:: sometimes hits his sister and sometimes asks to marry her
:: has rubbed a hole clear through mickey's ear {proof of the comfort he has found there}
:: has a spirit that is currently steeped in defiance
:: is happiest with a tool in his hand and a project to complete
:: has a little man voice that kills me
:: can flat out dance {video evidence of this coming soon}

Tomorrow we continue our Disney vacation with a day full of celebrating our big boy. As I tucked him into bed tonight I told him I couldn't believe that he was going to be 3 tomorrow...couldn't 
believe he wasn't my baby anymore. Don't worry, he said, you will still be my sweet