Thursday, December 6, 2012


it is a rare gift to actually slow during this holiday season.  december can be filled with rush and hurry and more, more, more.  mine is made up of home and family and less.

my husband has a demanding job.  a great job...but a demanding job.  december and january are the slowest times of year for him and for this i am grateful.  while many around us are ramping up, spinning wheels, racing forward...we are sitting down, holding hands, looking long into each other's eyes.  these months have become the make-up time for all the hours and days we are apart and juggling the rest of the year.  i am protective of this time...i don't let much into it.

i find myself every day savoring.

:: savor ::  to enjoy or appreciate something completely

yesterday both of my kids woke up with high fevers.  so we all three took a sick day.  
i savored it.  i appreciated every snuggly moment in our pj's with our christmas tree glowing and the cloudy day blanketing us inside.  i let it really sink in when tiny fingers ran up and down my arm seeking comfort and rest.  i breathed deep the tops of their heads as they nestled under my chin.  i held, i rocked, i sang, i listened, i spoke softly and smiled often...i savored.

i did not accomplish a single thing on my to-do list...i didn't even have a to-do list.  and yet i went to bed last night feeling i had achieved so much...because my enjoyment, my appreciation had been complete.

as a girl who is always looking forward to the next meal, i could make a long list of foods that cross my lips and sit on my tongue and bring me great joy.  like that magical moment when a slice of juicy pear covered in creamy goat cheese and wrapped in salty prosciutto hits my taste buds {is your mouth watering yet?}.  sometimes there is a flavor that is so divine that i close my eyes and cease chewing and hold still as that flavor sinks i taste it completely.  

savoring is about slowing.

too often i find myself devouring the days.  chewing hard and fast as the next forkful approaches.  i want to take in bites of life more slowly.  i want to open myself to the minutes of these days one-by-one so that i can close my eyes and enjoy fully the flavors of the people and places and events that surround me.

i want to savor.

i want the spirit of this slow season to set the pace for the year to come.
share with us what you are savoring today...and then go make that yummy pear appetizer...come know you want to.

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