Wednesday, January 30, 2013

running through storms

they say a storm's coming.

a tornado may just drop right out of that dark, full sky.  i guess that's what can happen on a 70 degree day in january...crazy.

i had to get my run in today.  the days between me and that 13.1 mile course are shrinking.  it's amazing how you make something happen when there's a expectation.  i need more deadlines.  the kind of deadlines that turn into lifelines.

that wind has been whipping on and off all day long.  i watch the furniture on our back porch creeping across the floor.  i see the pillows tumble down from their places.

i had an estimated 45 minute window between joey coming home and the weather getting worse.  we high-fived as he walked in the door and i walked out...the ultimate tag team.  

i hit 'start' on the garmin as my feet hit the pavement.  this one would be quick, but intense.  the goal was speed today.  

my legs settled into their stride and i felt the risk in this run.  i saw the heavy gray clouds looming.  i felt the tiny drops landing softly on my arms.  i kept my wiry frame steady and strong as the winds gusted.  i sensed the power that comes sweeping down from the skies and moves me like a feather.  i was small but i was strong...because that power of the winds and rains isn't just around's inside me.

as i turned the corner and headed back toward home i willed my legs faster and faster until they were spinning with every ounce of energy i could muster.  my playlist landed on these words...
     all the poor and powerless
       all the lost and lonely

my feet hit hard and my stride grew long as i thought of them - the poor, the powerless, the lost, the lonely.  i ran for them.  wishing that with every step they felt rich and powerful, found and accepted.  faces reeled through my mind and then there it was...mine.  
poor.  powerless.  
lost.  lonely.  
all those identities i, too, have harbored.

the wind picked up and swirled around me.  i thought it might lift my feet right off the ground.  the drops grew bigger and fell faster.  and still i ran...harder and harder.
     all the thieves will come confess
       and know that you are holy
     and all will sing out hallelujah
       we will cry out hallelujah

hallelujah - praise Him.

today my running was my worship.
today i felt the presence of the living God in the power of the wind and the softness of the rain.  
and i was reminded...
the God of this storm is the God of my storms too.  the same power that causes thunder to crash and winds to spiral is wielded inside of me...inside of you.  His torrential rains wash over every dirty stain in my heart until they are clean again.

and so i can't help but do this.
i can't help but 
     go on and tell it to the masses
       that He is God

and as i coasted down the last hill i lifted my head up to look through the cracks of blue amidst the gray...the slivers of light that still remained.  i let the rains cover my face and i felt this truth in the depths of my spirit - that...
     all the hearts who are content
       and all who feel unworthy
     all who hurt with nothing left
       will know that you are holy

i know that He is holy.