Monday, January 28, 2013

when your kids find truth

i stuck to my 5:30am wake up today.  i never regret that decision.

i got a good 20 minutes of reading in before little people began to stir.  joey and i managed to get them potty-ed and corralled back in their rooms until 6:30.  by the time we had finished our quiet time and i was making my way to the shower lucy had made her way into her brother's room...looking for a playmate.  just a few minutes in i heard this conversation...

lucy: oliver - you are going to die.
oliver: no i'm not!
lucy: it's okay buddy.  everybody dies.  it won't be for a long time.  but after a lot of years God let's you die so that you can go to heaven with him.
oliver: okay.  let's play dinosaurs.

there are lots of moments as a mom that i fear i am failing my kids.  i worry that i won't be successful at doing the one thing that matters - leading them to Jesus.

and then there are moments like those.

personally, i think lucy did an exceptional job of explaining death to a three year old.  he seemed satisfied with it.  i'm sure there will be more questions down the road but can i just say that i am 100% happy if that is their current view of life and death.

after i overheard the conversation the first thing i did was run into the bathroom and tell joey.  interestingly - there was one word that really stuck out of the whole dialogue for both of us - let.

in her little four year old voice she spoke boldly about death without any indication of worry or fear.  in fact, there was that word - let.  God let's you die...  
i can't remember all the conversations lucy and i have had on this topic.  the girl asks a lot of questions.  but somehow between our conversations and what she has heard at church and school and elsewhere...she has arrived at this truth.  

she is learning truth.
could it be possible that a child who has just learned to brush her own teeth already realizes that there is more to life than...well...this life?  is it possible that she is living this life with unabashed joy yet doesn't fret the end of it because she has hope for what's to come?  

day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month i see her faith grow.  before i had children i never knew it was possible for someone so young to have faith so deep.  but i see those tender roots crawling down and drinking living water.  i watch her sweet frame growing stronger and bearing fruit.  

i see it as nothing short of a miracle.

no matter how many times i mess up as a mom...i can't mess up His plan for my kids.  
no matter how many times i have gotten in the way...He still makes a way.

when i see eternity set in the hearts of my children...
when i hear words full of hope and faith and every fruit that the spirit offers cross their lips...
when i feel them taking steps away from me and into their own great story...

i see God.

i see that when i speak His truth aloud and when i pray it down deep in their souls something amazing happens...they follow Him.