Tuesday, February 5, 2013

i confess to you and predict the future {all in one post!}

before i go any further there is something i need to get off my chest.

i ate 4 krispy kreme doughnuts today.
there...i feel much better having confessed that to you.
and fyi - i currently have 2 more in my possession and the day is not over yet.

now...on to more important topics.

last sunday my pastor taught from exodus - the story of moses.  i highly recommend you listen to the podcast.  chris does a great job of retelling the story of a man who had a death sentence at birth, was hidden as an infant, floated down the nile in a basket, was adopted by royalty, grew up the son of the most powerful man in the world, was forced to flee to the desert because of an act of violence, lived a relatively uneventful life there for 40 years, encountered God in a burning bush...and, well...you can read the other details for yourself.  

not to give the whole story away but moses ends up rescuing a nation from slavery.  he is used by God to save the people of God.  this is pretty amazing stuff for a guy who may not have even known much of anything about God until he was old and that bush incident happened.

the story of moses and how he was called by God for a great purpose and how he fulfilled that purpose {albeit reluctantly} has always intrigued me.  
every night i pray for God to fulfill a great purpose in my kids' lives.  
every morning i ask God to take my life and use it for His purposes - not mine.  
for me, my faith has always had a lot to do with the plans of God and how i fit into those.  there is something both exciting and comforting about playing a supporting role in the greatest story ever told.  {and by the way - realizing that you're not the playwright or the leading role is key to a happy ending.}

this week i have been thinking about something else chris said about this story in exodus.

God had moses in midian because of his future, not because of his past.

as moses sat by that well in midian - in the middle of the desert - after fleeing from egypt, he may have felt like he had hit rock bottom.  his own people had rejected him.  his adoptive family and the culture he had grown up in now rejected him.  moses didn't have anyone he could identify with.  the future probably looked so grim.  he considered his past and how it had ultimately led him to what seemed like a dead end.  in that moment it may have been difficult for moses to look ahead...much less move ahead.

have you ever felt that way?  
have your past decisions or past experiences led you to a place that feels like the end?  
do you look back and consider that you are in this pit of a place because of your past?  

what if you're not in your current situation simply as a result of your past but as preparation for your future.

the moses of exodus 2 wasn't ready to be the moses of exodus 14.

sometimes, like moses, we run away from what we thought was our destiny.  or maybe we feel like we just missed it all together...messed the whole thing up.  or maybe we feel like it was taken from us...we got gypped.  
but...maybe God's destiny for us is something different...something greater...and all that we've walked through has been preparing us for that time, that place, that purpose.

if you're still alive on this earth God has a purpose for you.  
     are your eyes looking ahead at the future he is calling you to or are you turned around backwards mourning what was, or what could have been?  
     are you worried that your best days are behind you or do you trust that God is using what's behind to prepare you for what's ahead?

shifting your gaze from past to future can mean exchanging despair for hope...
failure for freedom...
your small story for His big one.

what does my future hold?  it's a question i've enjoyed pondering lately...

i don't have all the answers but i do know one thing for sure - 
     it will involve eating that 5th doughnut before bedtime...