Friday, March 1, 2013

permission to take a break

don't let this picture fool you...
...this was one sweet happy moment in the midst of dozens of crazy chaotic ones in my house today.  just in case you don't believe me i was lucky enough to capture this precious incident on video this morning while attempting to film my kids having the laughing-est fun time playing together.  as you will see - things took a turn for the worse.  can you say 'drama queen' {and 'king'}???

now that i have your sympathies i don't feel so bad bragging about the girls weekend i am on.

my 'me' time has officially begun...

...and i have officially smothered the voice of guilt for leaving my family behind.  
i know these next 48 hours are good for all of us.

any other tired, overworked mamas out there??  yep - i thought so.  if you need permission to take a break you've come to right place.  

whether it's an hour locked up in your bedroom closet {yes - i've done that} or a quick weekend getaway with your best friend {yes - i'm doing that!!}...
don't think about that mold starting to grow in the shower.  
don't consider when you will be able to squeeze in a trip to the grocery store so your kids can stop eating cereal for dinner.
don't start anticipating how long it is going to take you to chip away at that oatmeal that is glued to your hardwood floors.
and don't you dare go get the broom and dustpan for the 10th time today to sweep away the latest mess.

friends - whatever this weekend looks like for you i pray that you will find time 
to actually relax all those tight muscles that daily carry the weight of the world, 
to hear your own thoughts without interruption, 
to feel grace and love fall fresh upon you no matter how many times you've raised your voice too loud or harbored a bitter heart too long.  

we all know that without taking a break we will surely experience one...a breaking of our body, a breaking of our spirit, a breaking of our heart.  everybody needs to take a little break to prevent a bigger one from happening.  go find yours.  

and remember - it's not really a break unless you enjoy it...guilt-free.