Wednesday, March 6, 2013

when you get more than you deserve

last friday as i left for my weekend away i gave you permission to take a break {to avoid suffering a break}.  in that post i shared a few situations you should definitely avoid when attempting to take a break.  you thought those were all hypothetical didn't you?
guess what?  
they weren't.

in complete humility i admit to you that, at the time, there was in fact mold growing in my shower.  {yes - i know that seems to defeat the purpose of getting into the shower to get clean}  
and it's true that the week before there was one night i fed my children cereal for dinner {but they actually really like cereal and i think i gave them a super healthy fruit strip to go with it}
and i'm not sure if it was oatmeal or what but there was something brown and lumpy that had hardened to the floor and it hadn't budged any of the dozens of times i swept over it. {i was planning to chisel it off whenever i had a chance to crawl up under the table and work up a sweat}

i share all of this with you to demonstrate that i am definitely not the perfect homemaker. {but you never mistook me for that anyway, did you?}
i also reveal these deep, dark {dirty} secrets to further prove that i am married to one of the most amazing human beings on the planet...
please allow me to enter the follow into evidence:
#1 - he reads my blog {so he saw the aforementioned list and knew full well that the words i spoke were his very own home}
#2 - he didn't just read the list he took it on as a challenge.  for real.  y'all aren't going to believe this.  while i was out of town for some 'me' time and he was home with the kids he fed them healthy meals {reserving cereal only for breakfast}, didn't just clean our shower - he re-grouted it {this required a trip to the hardware store with the kids}, and had the kitchen floor shiny and clean upon my return {no trace of dried-up lumpy stuff}.

so, are we all in agreement?  i think the verdict is in...he is amazing.  

for all the guys reading this - take note {this is how to really love your girl}.
for all the ladies - feel free to forward this on to your guys {for inspiration...not degradation}.

have you noticed i've been using a ridiculous amount of brackets in this post.  yes...i know it is grammatically correct to use parentheses instead but i think the curly brackets are much cuter {and i've never been one for grammatical correctness on this blog}.

anywho...if you find yourself blessed beyond measure this week i hope you will feel the fullness of the gift you have been given and it will compel you to wrap one up for someone else.
in fact...i give you this challenge to complete before the week comes to an end:
think of one thing that someone you live with is dreading having to do and then just go right out and do it for them.  
if your relationship is in a good place it will make it better and if there is tension in your home it just might provide the relief everyone has been hoping for you {let me know if this proves true, will you?}.

thanks for sticking it out for these rushed words...i just had to share.  i will try to be a little more thoughtful and inspiring next time. 
...and a little less bracket-happy {maybe}.