Thursday, March 14, 2013

why i am squealing with delight!

if you heard a loud squeal coming from my house this afternoon it's because...


y'all have no idea how long i have been staring at that mile-long name that i arbitrarily chose almost 5 years ago when i began blogging and wishing i could change it.  ok...i knew i could change it but i didn't know how, or to what.  i tried messing with it a couple of times but my lack of technological savvy left me frustrated and with the same old words stuck behind that www. longer!  
by a holy miracle i fiddled around with a few things this morning and - wa la!  i have a custom domain name!

feel free to spread the words friends!

and if you're wondering why 'words and wonder' you can find out here

here's hoping you will find unexpected joy and delight today!