Monday, April 29, 2013

more homeschooling from this homegirl

i am an extreme people pleaser.  extreme people pleasers - unlike regular people pleasers - get their blood pressure up over anyone who opposes them even the slightest bit.  {maybe that makes me more of a defensive jerk than a people pleaser...either get the idea}

i guess i knew that confessing my plans for homeschooling would lead to a lively discussion.  i still got my feelings hurt when people told me they thought it wasn't a good idea.  fortunately i get over these things quickly and remember how dumb it is to think that every person in the world would agree with every decision i ever made.  thanks to those of you who entered into the homeschooling was good for me.  i hope it was good for you too.  

because it was so good i have decided to continue with a few more posts.  if all this homeschooling mess makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or bores you to tears i apologize in advance.  i hope you might still find some redeeming value in some of these posts...i have a lot of words to share on this particular subject right now.  i'm planning to share them on mondays for a little while {unless of course i change my mind and don' can do that when you have your own blog}.
i've had some of you ask me about exactly how i am planning to homeschool while working and...well...i'm glad you asked.

here's the plan...
lucy will attend a transitional kindergarten program at her current preschool 4 mornings a week.  I will work during that time.  When she is at home we will work through kindergarten curriculum.   i use the term 'curriculum' loosely because we are taking a charlotte mason approach to education and this means that learning will mostly be woven into our days and direct instruction will be kept to a minimum.  so, although she will be participating in a TK program, this will still be her kindergarten year and she will be a 1st grader the following year.  {and who knows what we will do then?!  we are taking this thing one year at a time.}

over the next few weeks i will share with you the reasons why this formerly anti-homeschooler is moving forward with the very thing she thought she'd never do.  in the meantime, these are NOT the reasons we plan to homeschool:
:: we don't like our public school - i have heard great things about the elementary school we are zoned for.  i have met some of the teachers and they seem awesome.  i am not homeschooling because i don't like our public school option.
:: we don't think our child would do well in the public school - lucy has really enjoyed preschool and does well in her class.  i don't have any reason to believe that she would have problems in a public school setting.
:: we want to shelter our kids from the world - i do admit that i would like to have some control over when and how my kids are exposed to certain things, but my intention is not to keep them in a little bubble apart from society.  on the contrary - i am excited for my kids to engage the world around them.

now i bet you can't wait to find out the real reasons, can you?