Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my 3-year-old and his spear

as the resurrection eggs are hidden for the 20th time we are still talking about easter at our house.  
here's the topic my little hearts have been wrestling with most.  {and if i'm honest...i'm wrestling too}

those men...those 'bad, mean men'...who whipped jesus and made him carry that cross and drove those nails into his hands and mocked him and even after his death shoved a spear into his side...
my 3 year old son wants to kill them.

he can't let it go.

i see it bring sadness to lucy but for oliver there is anger.  there is a deep need for justice to be served on behalf of the man we pray to when we are scared and when we are thankful.  if jesus is our friend...if he is the most important person in our lives...how can we not defend him?  how can we not vindicate his murder?

he keeps walking around with that tiny plastic spear...armed and ready.

i keep explaining over and over in different ways that i understand, but that jesus calls us to love.  jesus came to die for those bad, mean men too.  jesus wants us to behave like He did...not like they did.  jesus prayed for them because he believed that they didn't know what they were doing.  he believed all people were worth saving, and so should we.  i hope some of this is penetrating his angry little heart.

righteous anger...i possess it too.  
someone needs to pay for what they've done!  
people can't just get away with that!
i should not have to put up with this kind of irresponsible behavior!
somebody needs to set them straight!

as tim keller says in his book 'the reason for God' - 
at the very heart of {christians'} view of reality was a man who died for his enemies, praying for their forgiveness.  reflection on this could only lead to a radically different way of dealing with those who were different from them.

radically different.
not just the same old 'blame game' or the usual selfish ambition or the instinctive need to be right...
i want to choose something different...something radically different.

i have a hard enough time smiling and blessing {not blessing OUT} the person who cuts me off in traffic...and here is Jesus praying forgiveness for the men who were killing him.  how do i grab hold of that kind of earth-shattering grace?

it's a radical faith we are called to live.  
the world is moving in a different direction.  
we are swimming upstream.  

i'm glad my son is wrestling this one at 3.  i have a feeling that in ten years it will lead to radical faith at 13...and then 23...and then he can pass it on to his own 3 year old...

generations of radical faith...it all starts with the tiny seeds we are sowing now...are you with me?