Thursday, April 11, 2013

why i talk about parenting {and a giveaway!}

have you ever heard yourself on the radio?

it's kind of like an out-of-body experience...for me at least.

yesterday i spent some time over at my favorite charlotte radio station - new life 91.9.  
we were recording some promo material for the parenting conference i am doing next week.  
i sound like i'm all professional when i say that, right?  
i'm not.  
never done anything like that before.  never talked into a microphone that appeared to be the size of my head, knowing that it would be broadcast for thousands of people to hear.  
it's always a little nerve-racking doing something new like that...something out of your comfort zone.  the people at 91.9 make you feel comfortable though.  i think i could have sat and talked with gary morland all day.  he sees the world in stories like me...and in addition to being a gifted storyteller he's also a great encourager.

but here's the thing...despite the great experience i had in the studio, i spent the next two hours after i left in self-critique mode.  
oh man - i can't believe i said that!  
oh no - i totally left out the most important thing i wanted to say!  
i bet they are going to have to do some major editing to get anything usable out of all that rambling i did.  
i'm not even a good parent...why in the world am i doing this?
i was seriously driving myself crazy to the point of exhaustion.  i sat down on the couch and felt like i couldn't get up {which is exactly what i needed to do...get up and get over it}.  

have you ever had those moments when you feel like you are experiencing a mini-depression?  at some point i always realize that the only way to escape my self-absorption is to climb out from under that weight of pride and fear and focus on something besides my own pitiful self.  

in an effort to do that, i grabbed lucy's hand and led her into the kitchen to make smoothies with me.  in the background we had the radio on.  as we tossed bananas and kale into the blender we sang along to the familiar words.  just as we had finished up, lucy started goofing around on her stool and knocked my drink off the counter and all over the kitchen floor.  i instinctively wanted to scream because it had been a long day and i had a lot on my mind.  by the grace of God i held my tongue.  she looked up at me with apologetic eyes and told me it was an accident.  i knew it was.  everybody has accidents.  i asked her kindly to grab a towel and help me clean.  she stripped off her clothes {'cause the girl can't stand wearing anything that has gotten the slightest bit wet} so she was mopping up the floor in her undies next to me.  suddenly the song went off the radio and a familiar voice began speaking - gary's voice.  lucy looked up at me and said - mommy, they're talking about you! 

as my voice was broadcast over the airwaves lucy jumped up and into my arms with a big grin on her face.  there we stood with soggy towels still in hand...lucy still in her undies and me right smack dab in the middle of my world of parenting.  

we listened to me talking about parenting and then one of my favorite songs came on and i began to twirl her.  as we twirled and sang and danced...a few tears began to find their way down my face.  when lucy asked me 'why?' she smiled because she already knew they were joy tears.  i didn't know how to explain...
God gave you to me almost 5 years ago and i became a mommy.
i had no idea what i was doing but i knew i loved you so much.
then He gave me oliver and i loved him so much.
being your mommy is so important to me and God is teaching me so much.  
even though i don't do a perfect job of it God has given me the opportunity to talk about my life as a mommy and encourage others in theirs.  
my heart is so full of gratitude to Him for that.  

{me, leigh anderson from 91.9, and renee swope from proverbs 31}
next saturday i will join an impressive lineup of speakers at ::PARENTING ON PURPOSE:: 
i'm not stepping up to that microphone because i think i'm an expert on parenting who gets everything right.  on the contrary, i'm still learning and i get a lot of things wrong.  i'm stepping up to the microphone because i believe in families.  
i believe God has some important things to teach us in our roles as moms and dads and i don't want anybody to miss out on that.
i believe all parents want what's best for their kids.  
i believe there is power in community.  
i believe if we share our stories and struggles and encourage one another we won't just become better families...we'll become a better community...a better world.  
i believe families are that important.  

i truly can't think of a more valuable way to spend 5 hours than to join with other moms and dads to strengthen our families and refresh our hearts to go back into the trenches of parenting.  

this isn't just a's an invitation to revolution.  

you are invited to be a part of a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way we raise our children.   would you join us?  whether you feel like your family is in the middle of smooth sailing or you are battling the winds and rains of a major storm...join us...

parenting on purpose
saturday :: april 20
charlotte, nc
9am @ northside baptist church
register on-line 
{childcare available!}

AND...i am giving away a free ticket to someone who shares either this blog post or the 'parenting on purpose' link on your own FB or blog.  Just leave a comment here or on my FB page to let me know you've shared and why you would love to attend this event!
{i will randomly select a winner saturday morning at 10am so enter before then!}