Wednesday, May 15, 2013

brothers and sisters {reason to homeschool no. 2}

to the outside world, we all grow old.  but not to brothers and sisters.  we know each other as we always were.  we know each other's hearts.  we live outside the touch of time.
{clara ortega}

{this little series started HERE}

remember how on my blog i'm the boss of me?  that's why my monday homeschool post is being posted on wednesday...i'm not a very good boss.

this post can pretty much exclusively be communicated via pictures.  the grandparents are going to love this...

i want my kids to be friends.
not just people who live under the same roof and pass one another to and from their respective lives...

do my kids get along?
do my kids duke it out?
do my kids like each other?
do my kids love each other?
every day.  all the time.

whether they are shoving or hugging, singing or shouting, my kids would always tell you that they love each other and usually they would claim the other one as their best friend.  i don't think that happens by accident.

for friendship to grow seeds must be sown.  seeds of patience, understanding, kindness, laughter, service,  joy, love...all of which must be planted deep in the garden of time.  in a way i guess this reason for homeschooling overlaps with the first...i want my kids to have time together to develop friendship.

we can always learn to love each other better and that's the most important lesson in the education of my family.