Saturday, May 4, 2013

seeing the unseen {and the 15 minute tea party}

{the apostle paul}

paul knew what it meant to suffer affliction - much of it i wouldn't consider light or momentary.  stuff like imprisonment and people plotting his death.  

you may not be in a literal prison with bars and locks but maybe there is something that has you feeling trapped...unable to walk through life in freedom.  and even if you haven't had someone sending you threatening letters you may feel a sense of impending doom because something or someone in your life is suffocating you.

at the moment i have a prayer list full of real people who are struggling with real affliction - cancer, miscarriages, divorce, depression...the list goes on.  i am thankful not to be in a season of deep suffering. but... i have been there before and my heart breaks for those around me who are fighting for air and for freedom.
ever since that eyeball post several months ago i have had a greater awareness about what my own eyes are focused on.  they so naturally wander to the dishes piled up in the sink or the temper tantrum being thrown on my floor or the unfinished work spilling out of my computer bag.  i'm so preoccupied with the work that i am doing {and often failing at} that i miss the eternal work that God is doing in all the unseen places.  and let's be honest - there are too many times that i look hard into that little pandora's box in my hand that holds endless posts and pictures and tweets...all keeping my eyes away from what's real.

he has set eternity in our hearts so i'm guessing that's where we'll find the unseen...floating like diamonds in the waters of our hearts, reflecting the light of jesus in a dark world.  and so i look deep in the eyes of my children and my husband and all the others who cross my path each day...looking for what's shining deep inside.  i try desperately to carve out moments to peer into my own heart and unearth the places where an eternal glow is being cultivated.

whether your affliction comes and goes or has set in for a while, i pray you will miraculously find it to be 'light' and 'momentary'.  whatever has got you out of breath or completely out of commission i pray it will fade into the background as the eternal glow of what God is doing in your life becomes more visible.  and maybe together we can agree to leave pandora's box closed for a while so that real life moments won't be stolen right out from under us.

this morning i took 15 minutes to put together a tea party with lucy.  i didn't let my eyes stop on the dishes or the laundry or the unfinished work.  instead i met her gaze over and over as i felt myself falling into that place that will not fade away...