Monday, May 6, 2013

time and time again {reason to homeschool no. 1}

note :: as with all of my commentary on homeschooling these words reflect only what i believe to be best for my family today.  i would never claim to know what is best for everyone else or even what will be best for my family in the future.  

having said that...let's begin my 'why homeschool?' list {in no particular order}.  here's #1...

i like being with my kids.  
do i sometimes lock myself in the bathroom so that i can have 5 minutes alone?  yes.  
do i take full advantage of family and friends who want to hang out with my kids so that i can do something non-mommy related?  absolutely.  
but the longer i'm a mom the more i realize that if i want to really influence my kids and build deep relationships with them we need time together.

here's what i fear next year would look like if i didn't homeschool lucy...  

take her to school at 8am.  
get her home from school at 3:30pm.  
let her rest {because she still takes a nap a few times a week and i have a feeling 7+ hours of school will do her in}.
by this time i may have 30 minutes tops before we get into the dinner/bedtime routine or i leave for work {i usually work 1-2 nights per week}.
repeat monday through friday.

i'm not ready to give up that time with her.

don't get me wrong.  when other people say - i couldn't wait for my kids to start school so that i could get those 7 hours a day all to myself! - i can see the appeal...really, i can.  i mean...i have lots of things i like to do when i have time alone.  

but i knew what i was getting into when i became a mom.  i knew these little monkeys would seriously interfere with my personal time and as frustrating as that can sometimes's worth the sacrifice.  during this season i really believe that there is no more valuable use of my time than being a mom and a wife and setting the foundation for our little family.

so my reason to homeschool no. 1 is simply this...


time to laugh.

make messes.
clean them up.
break up fights.
time to really see each other.

i need time to accomplish all the things i want to accomplish with my kids right now.