Wednesday, May 29, 2013

where to go when you're all dressed up {or not}

have you ever been all dressed up with no place to go?
that's me today.

as the mama of two little ones, yoga pants are my best friend.  if i know i'm going out in public i may even brush my hair and throw on a pair of jeans and a cute top.  once or twice a week i usually have an opportunity to get out in the real world with real grown-ups...that's when i get all dressed up.  by 'all dressed up' i mean i put on a sundress, blow-dry my hair, and put something besides flip-flops on my feet.

i had a meeting scheduled with some ladies today so i thought i would use it as my excuse to get 'all dressed up' this week.

just as i was dropping my kids off at camp i got a message letting me know that the meeting was cancelled.

all dressed up with no place to go.

i immediately started going down my mental to-do list to determine what i would fill in the free hours with.  but it just didn't seem right to clean out the pantry or cage my tomatoes or scrub toilets in my cute outfit.  i remembered that i needed a new pair of sunglasses since i had lost mine again {which is why i never spend more than $10 on them} i decided to stop by the store.  shopping seemed like a good thing to do in flats and a sundress.  

when i pulled into the parking lot i noticed the store didn't open for 20 more minutes.  because i don't like to waste time i parked my car and pulled out my computer bag with plans to get a couple of things accomplished.  when i opened my bag i found a video that i had shoved down in there intending to review it when i had some time.  i realized i happened to have some time...and the title on the cover spoke aloud to me like a firm, but kind invitation...
and so i watched and listened as lisa chan told me exactly what i should do with my 'all dressed up and no place to go' self.  i recognized her words as truth and chose to obey.

i went home and brushed off my martha spirit and got down on the ground like mary...a position that encourages me to lift my eyes up and listen.

i lost my little satin flats and spent almost an hour in my backyard lifting and listening...
so as it turns out...i really did have somewhere to go today.  and even though jesus welcomes me in my yoga pants with no make-up on...i'm glad i got dressed up for him today.

tomorrow i will share what i learned.

in the meantime, whatever outfit you're in today, i hope you will find time to be still.  not in front of the t.v.  not with facebook in your face.  not while running through your to-do list. 
i's ridiculous how hard that is to do, isn't it??  but do it.  
get away from the noise.
get by yourself.
get still.
get quiet.
i promise you will get something precious and sacred in return.