Monday, June 10, 2013

curriculum for the core {reason to homeschool no. 5}

jesus, please let the pool be open.  you know i really love to go swimming.
lucy, jesus can't hear you.  he died.
i know, oliver, but he came back alive and he is in heaven and he CAN hear me...all the time.

i was privy to that conversation during our car ride up to the neighborhood pool last week.

then there was the death discussion.

and of course all the words she has committed to memory that are spontaneously spoken aloud...building a bank of wisdom... 
God loves a cheerful giver.
The Lord delights in the prayers of his people.
Obey your leaders, they keep watch over you.

and then there are her bedtime prayers...

God, you have the very best heart.  and you know my name.  i pray you will always know my name God and always be with me...

and the songs...oh the songs.  i kid you not when i say there are at least a dozen of these originals every week...

thank you jesus for being my friend,
you take away all my sin.
oh God you love me all the way
i want to praise you every day.

she sings and she twirls and there is freedom in her being...all these little spontaneous acts of worship.  these are her words...not mine.  but i know they come from the truths that we read and sing and try our darnedest to live out...vibrant strands woven into the fabric of our days.  

there are some things that schools don't cover in the core curriculum...and it's those things i want to be part of her core.   

when we see flowers bursting with color we thank God the brilliant artist.  when we watch the bees tucking themselves inside the fragile petals until they are hidden, filling the pollen bags on their legs we marvel at God the thoughtful creator.  when we examine a scab and consider it's protection of the fragile skin underneath and later watch it fall away to reveal the pink and new we thank God the mighty healer.

we find Him there in each moment, each breath, each discovery.  everything comes back to Him and in Him is everything.  there is a deeper meaning that underlies all the facts and figures and in that deep place i find true education.

i believe in christianity as i believe that the sun has risen, not only because i see it but because by it i see everything else.  c.s. lewis

i want to teach my children what is true and good and everlasting...and there is only One in whom i have found these things completely.  only One who colors the way i see everything else.

of all the reasons i have chosen to homeschool, this one is most me.

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