Friday, June 14, 2013

the listening part of writing

you haven't heard from me since monday.
i've had sand between my toes and flowers beneath my nose and art displayed before me everywhere i turn.
that doesn't mean i haven't been writing.
sometimes the words come flying swift on a sweet breeze, wrapping themselves around me.  i want to snatch them up and tuck them into a satchel on my side where i can be sure to find them later.  but grabbing and snatching causes the winds to change and i find myself empty in the still, stagnant air.  
and so i've learned to stand in the swirl of let them dance and sing on their own...wishing there were a pencil in my pocket to capture them.
i may not remember every word that was written in my heart this week but i know my writing will be richer and deeper for having listened.
sometimes writing is more about listening than speaking.

i pray a spirit of listening over you this weekend.  may the words you hear be sweet and may you know they were meant just for you.  may you not force them or edit them or change them...but instead...let them change you.