Friday, June 28, 2013

things i learned in june

it's a fun little thing emily's got us doing...why don't you join in!

things i learned in june...
1 :: it doesn't really feel like summer until my pasty white skin gets a tan.  and after a week at the beach i officially have summer!  
{on a side's really just my front that's tan.  every mama of preschoolers knows that you will not be able to tan your backside for years since you must be seated, facing the kids, and on high alert at all times around crashing waves and sweeping undertows.  but i can't see my backside anyway...}

2 :: sometimes your soul grieves things that your mind is not fully aware of.  last week's unexpected tears were evidence of this.

3 :: a 'fortnight' means 14 days.  thank you beatrix potter {not to be confused with harry potter despite what my 5 year old thinks...mommy - can we read that bunny book that harry potter wrote?}

4 :: it's totally worth it to be brave with a paintbrush and a piece of furniture.  and don't let the sewing machine scare you either...

5 :: brookgreen gardens is still my happy place.  it still whispers inspiration, wraps me in beauty, and fills me with peace...even when i take my kids along and they complain that their feet hurt and they can't possible walk another step...suck it up people - you're missing the beauty!
6 :: if i stay silent long enough when my kids are whining and complaining one of them will eventually parent the other one in my absence.  
just relax, oliver!  do you know what that means?  it means be patient and be quiet and let the peace of Christ rule in your heart and be thankful.  just relax!
{and so i've also learned that they are paying attention to everything i say.  that's good...and bad}

7 :: watching dads baptize their kids will bring a room full of grown women and men {including my stoic husband} to tears. 
8 :: and finally...people of all ages are for real crazy about duck dynasty.  this picture automatically made me 10 times cooler in the eyes of my kids at church. {and...shhhh...i've never even seen the show}

what did you learn this month?