Sunday, June 2, 2013

you complete me {reason to homeschool no. 4}

when i was young i stepped through the doors of my elementary school with my mind open wide, ready to receive whatever challenges my teacher had for me.  i hungered for opportunities to learn new things and apply my knowledge.  i was excited at the prospect of what i might be able to produce.  

my favorite teachers were the ones who didn't spend all period pouring over a textbook but who sparked my interest in something and then let me run with it.  they would give me book reports that i could actually experience with costumes and props; science lessons that required actual experimenting and reporting of results; opportunities to use art to demonstrate some historical person or event.

i'm a project person.  i love a good project...something that allows me to bring what i have learned to life.

on any given day i have at least a dozen ideas of projects i would like to try.  so...if someone else doesn't give me a special assignment, i will find one myself.  

but here's the thing with me and projects...i'm really good at starting them...not so great at finishing.  i don't typically make a long-term commitment to most of my projects.  i love giving birth to an idea and getting it up and walking but typically i end up passing it off for someone else to raise into maturity.

that doesn't work when you're a mom.  you can't just give birth, teach them to walk and then pass your kids off to someone else to finish the job.  or can you?

because of my personality i'm afraid that's exactly what i would be doing if i sent lucy to school right now.  i would be passing her off so i could get started on something new.

i don't think this is true for everyone.  i think there are plenty of parents who send their child to school everyday and yet they still give the majority of their time and energy to that child.  i just know that wouldn't be me.  as soon as i found myself with an extra 40 hours a week i would be up to my eyeballs in some new venture.  and when i commit to something new...i commit 100%.  i wouldn't have much left over when she stepped off of the bus.

as a mom i have been given a special assignment...and this one is going to require more than just a good 'start' to produce the results i'm hoping for.

so here's the beauty of a project person like me homeschooling...

my kids are not projects.
but the things i do with them everyday are.

so instead of pouring myself into projects that will benefit someone or something outside of my family i can choose project after project that will directly benefit my kids.

and so i research and i learn and i get creative around all these different things i want to teach my kids about nature and history and character and literature and art and just generally living this great story that is so much bigger than any one of us.

and although i reserve a small piece of my time and energy for my 'job' and the important work i do there, the rest of me is kept busy moving from project to project alongside these children whom i want to raise...completely.

{this is part 4 of my weekly series on homeschooling}