Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a week of listening and learning

remember how i discovered that sometimes you just need to
live fully and listen closely
because there is always a listening part to writing.

that is the very reason my weekly posts have been fewer and farther between these speedy summer months.

last week i spent many hours with my co-workers in the back of a warehouse in that stuffy, cinderblock room we call an office.  we walked sharp-eyed through the fertile gardens of this past year and began leaping and bounding into our technicolor dreams for the future.

we even took time away from the table to dip brushes in color and create some new things alongside one another...and then talk about the dozen lessons we learned in the process.

i arrived home just in time to throw open the doors of my home to my best friend and her gang so that we could do life together for a few days.  

by 'doing life' i mean keeping the kids involved in activities as much as possible so that we could talk as much as possible...this is how world problems are solved people!  {or at least my own personal problems}  

so there are a lot of words i would like to attach to this past week but for now i'm still in the living and listening.

what kind of wild summer living have you been a part of these past months...and what lesson has that life whispered in your ear?