Tuesday, July 16, 2013

where my heart is today

i was going through the motions of my nightly ritual.
picking up stray toys.
tossing random cups in the sink.
wiping off the kitchen table.
closing the blinds...

my hand grasped the rod and as i prepared to twist it, something stopped me.
 i couldn't close them.
i just stood there staring.
at the oak that stands tall and full.
the shaded green grass that lies beneath.
the planter bursting with marigolds and basil and mint.
the table and chairs ready for our next outdoor dinner night.
the wooden rail displaying tiny, colorful, finger paintings i can't bring myself to scrub away.

i've been asking God to keep me aware of my wealth.
in these moments i know that He is.

all these things belong to me.
they are mine to enjoy.
i could stand there with my back to the rest of the house full of 'stuff' and see only that which lies in front of me and it is more than enough.  what is held in those frames is more than some people will possess in their lifetime...
and yet there are possessions they hold that i'll never find in my own backyard.

the world is so much bigger than what we can see from the kitchen window.

in one month lucy and i leave for haiti.
my heart is already there.