Friday, July 5, 2013

where to start

on monday we start.

the problem is...well...that i'm having the same problem i always have.

here's how it's all gone down this week...
curiosity drew me in.
the initial buzz among group members kept my interest piqued.
and then...the glimmer of something that began to look like real, authentic, 'launch you forward like a human-sized slingshot' community led me to stick around.

in less than 72 hours i will join 2000 other people in a 24 day challenge to start something. 

i like starting things.  
the problem, as i mentioned, is focus. 
i start lots of different things.  
unfortunately, the finishing part can get lost in all the starting. 
{i'm embarrassed to tell you how many books i have started and never i won't.}

there are still a lot of unknowns in this adventure but jon's first request of us was to identify 1 new thing to risk for 24 days. 

risk :: to expose to danger or harm; 
to incur the chance of unfortunate consequences by engaging in an action

the chance.
there's always a chance.
on your way to greatness you always take a chance.

you take it 
you set it down 
you look it square in the eyes 
and you decide to either 
{1} cower in fear  
{2} grab hold of it with all the potential and danger it possesses and run full speed ahead toward your dream.


so i'm ready to take a chance but i'm just not sure what to take my chances on.  i'm not trying to choose the easiest option.  i'm trying to choose the right one...for here and now.

so i started with a list of 9 possibilities and i've narrowed it down to 4.  {i decided learning haitian creole in 24 days was probably just setting myself up for failure.}
here are the options:
1 :: finally create a 'grown up' blog.
2 :: submit articles for publication on 3 different websites.
3 :: develop a ministry model for women in my church. 
4 :: write the first chapter of my first bible study.

so i'd love your input and maybe some cheerleading along the way.  but more importantly...
i would love to hear from you.
as jon reminded us - fear fears community.
what's the amazing thing you've been dreaming up?  are you ready to get started?  i've got my pom poms out for you too.