Wednesday, July 10, 2013

why we need each other

it feels like a battleground.

confessing that truth to someone who understands brought peace despite the war.  i was no longer an army of one.  someone else was taking up sword and shield alongside me.

that's what i accomplished today.  
besides emptying the dishwasher, clipping toenails, and making sure everyone was bathed and fed...
i joined forces with a fellow warrior.  
a fellow mother, writer, truth-seeker...a fellow artist. 

my friend renee and i had set aside 'writing time' and though our fingers never touched our keyboards the words exchanged on that breezy back porch today may have done more for me as a writer than pages worth of manuscript...they armed me to go back into battle.
anything of value we seek to accomplish will meet with resistance.

really digging into the important work that is set before us usually winds up landing us in a place that feels an awful lot like a war zone.

in this writing arena i've been fighting off the enemies alone for too long.  it was time to call in the reinforcements.  and wouldn't you know - we had common enemies.  doubt, fear, distraction, fatigue, misguided can beat them down together much more easily than you can on your own.

and so today we took back some ground.  and on that ground i plan to plant some things... and watch them grow...together.

how about you?  is there an area of your life that feels like a battleground?  is there something you want to accomplish in your job, your family, your art that is being met with resistance?

maybe it's time you expanded your army of one.  chances are...someone else in your world is looking to join forces too.