Friday, August 9, 2013

behind a closed door {my wish for you this weekend}

mama writers write wherever and whenever we can.  
when inspiration strikes we are lucky if we are in a position to snatch it up and get it down into words.  

sometimes our hands are holding sippy cups under faucets and tissues over noses and ladles in pots.  we are so busy holding everything together that we can’t let go long enough to put palms up and catch the fleeting thoughts before they are blown away beyond arm’s length.  
this morning the words came rushing and so i ushered the kids downstairs to daddy and slipped my laptop under my arm and came racing back upstairs to close the door behind me...
to close out that world that just keeps on moving for just a bit.  

it wasn't an ideal work environment but i gave up on perfect writing conditions a long time ago.  today i sit huddled in a quiet corner of a cramped bedroom of the beach house that has been our home this week.  i settled myself onto an old crib mattress next to a warm pile of clean clothes I was in the middle of folding when the muse came to call.

i asked for 30 minutes but i have taken an hour.  an hour of hitting keys to form letters into words and words into sentences and sentences that magically tranform into a picture.  a picture of my

as i took this rare mid-morning time for myself to reflect and to soak in all the moments that have really meant something this week i thought of you.

you may not be on vacation this week but at least for a few moments i hope you'll have a chance to close the door and find a corner in which to hide.  let the world keep spinning on the other side but make a conscious effort to slow your spinning to a stop.  

don't let all those precious life-giving moment that you hold slip through your fingers without first holding them, examining them, gazing at their beauty and meaning so that the impact of having lived them will last long after you get back up, open that door and step back onto this spinning globe.

whether you're taking a one-week vacation or a one-minute one...happy weekend friends.

{and by the way...don't forget to consider that little #365daysofnothingnew challenge...those of us who have already joined in would love to have you along for the ride!}