Friday, August 2, 2013

how to face the demands of this day

today i have a very proud moment i would like to share with you, my dear friends...

my laundry is no longer to the point of overflowing all over onto the floor.   

at this very moment all of the dirty clothes in my house fit down in the FOUR bags hanging in my bedroom closet {plus the TWO plastic hampers in the hall}...
i did it!  

what?  you're not impressed?

i have never claimed to be the perfect homemaker {God bless my patient grace-filled recovering-neat-freak husband}.  
on the contrary,
i don't mind airing my dirty laundry {pun definitely intended}, or even opening up a moldy container full of food to share with you.

the real reason this is a proud moment for me isn't because i got a few loads of laundry done.  the bigger accomplishment is that i actually felt good about that small feat instead of being discouraged about all the rest that i couldn't finish.

i didn't even get all up in a tizzy when this happened...

{come know you've done it.}

all of this is progress for me.

i'm learning that -

it's okay to set expectations low in certain areas of my life so that i am free to rise up in other areas.

this week having a writing session with a friend 
and spending some time out at my family's farm
and meeting with a friend who is in a tough spot
and taking my kids to the pool
all took precedence over neat, clean, folded stacks of clothes.

so when it comes to 'glasses' in my life - the things i need to pour into - i can choose to see them half full...knowing that i have done something significant to contribute to filling them up.

and when it comes to the 'laundry baskets' of life - the things that can sometimes overwhelm me with their demands - i can choose to see them half empty...knowing that i have done something significant to make a dent in them.

how can you shift your perspective on your 'glasses' and 'laundry baskets' today?