Friday, August 23, 2013

how to really make an impact in this world

yesterday was my husband's birthday.  
he's the most special man i know, so i wanted the day to reflect that.  
he serves and sacrifices for me all year long, so i wanted to serve him.
he appreciates a clean house, so i wanted at least part of it to be presentable {by this i mean no half-used watercolors and dirty clothes on the table where i was serving dinner}.

i think i succeeded on all accounts.  
he even told me the salmon i made was the best he ever had {score!}.

pulling all of that off after being out of town for the past two weeks and now prepping for two events this weekend wasn't easy, but one of my fervent prayers over the past year has been that God would protect time {and sometimes bend it...He can do that, you know} for the things that are most important.  loving my family well is most important.

it helps us to know what's most important in our lives and then plan our days accordingly.  if we don't...the less important things tend to creep in and eat us alive.

in addition to my family i know that i need time alone with God {even if it's for 5 minutes in my closet}.  that's a no-brainer for me.'s all the other 'good' things that i have trouble discerning whether or not they are 'God' things.

if you have the same problem maybe a couple of suggestions will help...
:: consider your gifts and how they can uniquely contribute to the lives of others ::
if you're a great cook - take a meal to someone who's sick.
if you're a compassionate listener - go out to coffee with someone who's hurting.
if you can organize the heck out of a closet - offer to help someone who's overwhelmed and more organizationally challenged {like me!}.

:: consider the situations you have been through in your life and how you might be able to uniquely speak into similar situations in the lives of others ::
if you've lost a child - comfort the parent facing the same darkness.
if you've battled cancer - stand alongside the one who just received her diagnosis.
if you've overcome a giant obstacle in your life - seek out others trying to climb that same wall and give them a boost.

:: consider what you are so passionate about that without it you feel like you die a little on the inside ::
if you have a heart for widows and orphans - go and visit them.
if you can't stand to see people enslaved by their debt - help someone find freedom.
if the statistics on human trafficking keep you up at night - volunteer for rise up ministries or the a21 campaign.

i've finally accepted that i can't be all things to all people.  { was exhausting trying!}

instead i have chosen to be the best mom and the best wife i can be and then be on the look out for the other places where my gifts, experiences, and passions merge to open doors of opportunity.  if i am thoughtful about the ways i spend my time i've found that the minutes and hours somehow multiply to become enough.

praying that this weekend you will have a chance to consider where your gifts, experiences, and passions collide...
and them let them impact this world that needs you...unique, wonderful you.