Friday, August 16, 2013

the haiti we saw with our own eyes

the showers are cold in haiti.
this was probably one of lucy's least favorite parts of the trip.  like her mama she takes her showers steamy hot.
but despite the cold showers and the absence of t.v.'s lucy still cried real tears last night when she told me...
mommy, i wasn't ready to leave.

i never could have imagined how haiti would wrap her arms around my girl and hug her tight.  everywhere we went the people responded to her with with love and warmth.  they ran gentle fingers through her hair and looked deep in her eyes.  they laughed with joy at the sight of her and pleaded for her attention.

after spending the past few days with my daughter in the villages surrounding mission of hope i have  tucked away dozens of stories that are begging to be told.

before i can get all those details into words i need to get some rest for my weary body and some snuggles from my much-missed boys.  the airplane touched down way too late and the wake up was way too early.

so until the are some pictures that are probably worth thousands of them...

wherever in this wide world you may be this weekend...may you see frame after frame of real breathtaking beauty.  
come back next week and i'll try to put all this beauty into words.
glwa pou Bondye