Monday, August 19, 2013

we refuse {what it means to be an esther generation}

an average jewish girl, adopted by her cousin following the death of her parents...
of all the dreams she may have held in her heart, being the queen of persia probably wasn't one of them.  or maybe it was.  
maybe the promise of royalty had been whispered to her by the One who would eventually give her favor with the king.  but even then it would have been difficult for her to actually believe.

i heard this song on the radio as i drove to church to deliver the message on esther this week.  as i sang along to the familiar words i realized this could have been esther's anthem.
it could be ours.

she refused...
to make excuses.
to say empty prayers.
to turn her back.
to sit around and wait for someone else to do what God had called her to do herself.

esther refused to stand by as her people were destroyed.
even if intervening meant risking her crown, her position, her very life.

so, uninvited, she went...into the king's court.
because she realized that the position she had been given was intended for helping others, not for helping herself.

where has God positioned you?
are there situations you have been given permission to speak into?
are there people who have granted you favor?
are there doors that have been opened to you?
or maybe there are doors you've been brought right outside of and now, with courage, you must step inside...uninvited.

what mordecai suggested to esther, i suggest to you...

we are the #esthergeneration and there are people facing darkness and destruction whom we can help God to deliver.

they are in remote villages of africa.
they are in the dusty debris of haiti.
they are in the inner city.
but they are also in your schools, your neighborhoods, your families...even your churches.

God may not be calling you to deliver an entire nation from destruction but He is calling you to do something.  He is calling you to follow the lead of Esther...of use your position 

and the time is now.

{to learn more about the amazing story of esther i encourage you to read all 10 chapters...and maybe you will get a tidbit or two by listening to my message}