Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days to share stories

there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.
{maya angelou}

i devour books.
i love a good movie.
stories captivate me.

how about you?
what are your favorite stories?

i may obsess over the adventures of tris and four 
and i may be drawn into the tale of a dragon named toothless,
but my favorite stories are the real life ones.  
the ones that i hear over coffee or while pushing kids on swings or when flying across the country.  

your stories inspire me.

and that, my friends, will be my focus during our 31 days together this year.  #31days #wwsharestories

are you ready?  because i'm going to need your help this time around.

is there something you have experienced in your own life that would encourage others?
is there something that would make others say - me too!!?
is there something that has made such an impact on you that you just know it needs to be shared with someone else?

you've got the stories and i've got this little'm wondering if we could team up.

here's what i'm asking you to do {and you know i'm going to bribe you with a giveaway!}...

{1} share this post any way you can - twitter, facebook, email, or even write it in the sky above your house {i'm kidding...but that would be cool...take a picture for me if you do that}.  invite everyone you know to contact me if they have a story to share.  use the following hashtag in your posts so that we can keep up with each other - #wwsharestories

{2} share a story - if you or someone you know has a story that needs to be shared, contact me.  you can leave a comment here or on FB or twitter or message me directly at  in 140 characters or less {twitter-style} tell me a little bit about your story.  if your story is one of the ones featured here this month i will contact you for all the beautiful details. a bonus there will be a giveaway!  
one lucky person will be selected for a goodie box filled with a freeset mini bag and bracelet, a couple of good books about 'story', a custom piece from the farmhouse, and whatever else i find to toss in there.
all you have to do is share this post and include #wwsharestories in your post.  that way i will be able to track you down. 

maybe you or someone you know has been bearing an untold story.  
maybe it has a happy ending.  maybe not yet. 
maybe you would find healing in the sharing.  maybe someone else would.

just last week i had an unbelievable number of people connecting with the story of my friend kasey.

it's evidence that our stories have power.
they inspire others to meaningful life.  
they give us a lens through which to see this world not as a broken down waste of time but as a place where miracles still do happen...where the everyday intersects with the divine.  

so...what do you think?  are you ready to get this story sharing party started?  
i can't wait to hear from you!